Recently Added:

Fantasy Art (Scenes and Stories): Hesse and Joule, The Thaumaturge, Stained Glass Lie, Sunrise Dragon, Raku, Raku and Rokaku, Rainbow Sea, Dragon Merperson

Fantasy Art (Myths and Folklore): Apep and Ra, Horus, Sobek, Nut, Wajdget, Erik the Phantom, The Minotaur

Fantasy Art (Strange Creatures): Book Dragon, Sushi Dragons, Succulent Dragons, Breakfast Dragons, Mushroom Dragons, Mollusca Magica, Lightbulb Creatures, Punicorn, Duke of Hell, Magistrate of Hell, Magical Malt Princess, Carousel Mantis Shrimp, Animated Mushrooms

Surreal Art (Icons and Iconagraphy): Cyclops, The Last Sunrise, She Who is First Aspect, She Who is Second Aspect, She Who is Third Aspect

Surreal Art (Figures in Space): Floating Figures, Renewal, Decay, Peace

Abstract Art: The Other Side of the River, Glimpse of Gold

Natural Science Illustration: Floral Letters

Figure Sculpture (Fantasy): Painted Dragon, Painted Gryphon, Painted Hippocampus, Green Slug, Unihippocampus, Turtle Dragon, Unikoi, Glass Cat, Note Whales, Scaled Snoot, Candycampus

Figure Sculpture (Animals): White's Tree Frog

Ceramic: Black Rabbit, Ginko Bowl

Soft Sculpture: Astoria Tapestry, Plush Cockatiels

Minature: Abandoned Space - Courtyard, Abandoned Space - Bath

Art Doll: Lightbulb Man

Ongoing Interactive Storytelling Project:

The Darkening Wood


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