Seven Crimes - Directed by Scott Feldsher

Props and Special Effects by Pearl A. Hodges

I was Prop Master and Special Effects artist for this show. Seven Crimes was a night of bloody murder and total mayhem. The show encompassed three short plays, The Awful Pleasure (an adulteress gets her kicks by paralyzing her husband and taking her lover in front of his unmoving body, but when he dies, what happens when his ghost is allowed to wander free?), Seven Crimes (a Barstow barber takes slow revenge on his wife's many lovers), and The Terrible Experiment (a perverse scientist creates a fabulous dynamo to bring life back to the dead, but when his daughter dies of a heart attack, will he challenge God himself?). In short, I provided nearly everything on stage that wasn't bolted down or attached to an actor, and create all manner of bloody effects, from stabbings to other much more nasty things. This is just a small sampling of my work from this prop and effect intensive show.


Bleeding Kife, Razor, and Heart Death Masks Mayan Cross Sugar Skulls


Eyelids Cut Off Heart Ripped out of Chest Bleeding Dryer Chair Throat Cut with Razor The Dynamo


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