Crystal Dog
Polymer Clay, Quartz Crystals

Although not related to canines, the Dwarves affectionately call these creatures 'Crystal Dogs'. Resembling anteaters, these creatures are actually more closely related to porcupines, the hard 'crystals' on their backs facilitate their constant digging, and are regularly shed. Rather like shark's teeth, they are often used in Dwarven jewelry. The Dwarves have nicknamed them 'dogs' because of their affectionate and social nature, they make very good pets, and, living on a diet of roots and small digging insects, they are easy to care for. This is a sub-adult individual, not yet displaying the sizable crystals visible on adults of the species, or taking on it's adult coloration, but mature enough to posess a number of 'crystals'. Males' crystals turn orange-red upon sexual maturity, females' turn a greenish blue.


© 2006 Pearl A. Hodges