Hatchling Cockatrice
Polymer Clay, Hematite Beads

Hatched from a yolkless egg laid by a rooster and hatched by a toad in the warmth of a dungheap. The gaze is not yet lethal on this little one, but it still packs a wholop, and probably should be dispatched of before it reaches maturity, although the Basilisk Conservation Society (B.C.S.), points out a number of useful services this lethal creature (many of which people are skeptical of), and warns against indiscriminatory slaughter of cockatrice. As they are both lethal and rather ugly creatures, B.C.S. has been having a difficult fight, but they are gaining ground, as the number of cockatrice in the wild is beginning to decline. The cockatrice is yet another example of a creature that is having a difficult time finding supporters, despite its risky status, due to its history, mythology, appearance, and capabilities.


© 2006 Pearl A. Hodges