15 - Hemichordata
The Acorn Worm card represents the rather nebulous idea of 'almost'. In life, no matter how hard one tries, or sometimes simply by chance there will be 'almost' moments. Times when things almost came together, almost worked, almost won. While it is easy to feel these times a disappointment, it is important to remember the strength of almost as well – almost hit, almost out, almost missed. Consider where there has been an almost, and look to accept the outcomes it may have presented. Hemichordata are a phylum of worm-like animals who are the closest related extant phyla to chordates (along with echinoderms), possessing a stomochord – a hollow tube which serves to communicate with the oral cavity. Despite the rough physiological resemblance, it is not entirely akin to a notochord, and not necessarily evolutionarily related.



© Pearl A. Hodges