18 - Micrognathoza
The Limnognathia card represents luck. Sometimes, even when everything is lined up, carefully considered, and greatly planned for, it is all down to luck. At other times, without planning, thought, or meaning, luck brings something along. Luck is an arbitrary turn of fate or sequence of events. Even with all other cards in the reading carefully considered, one must always account for luck, good or bad, in anything that happens. There is always random chance, and in that chance, it may be important to let go of plans and schemes, or to simply understand that there is no greater machination in the world than chance. This phyla, only recently discovered in the 90s, constitutes one species of incredibly tiny multi-cellular animals which are located solely in warm springs in Greenland. Their discovery is a thing of chance, so small and easily missed, and yet discovered to be unique and interesting.



© Pearl A. Hodges