20 - Nematoda
The Nematode card represents a key. Any lock without a key is a barrier which cannot easily be surpassed. With the right key, however, that which blocks the way can be removed with ease. It may be time to look for the key, rather than beating one's head on the lock. Does the key lie in the other cards in the reading? Or is the key something from the outside needed to contextualize and understand them? That will depend on the subject and surroundings, but regardless, consider where something may be critical to unlocking a stubborn thing. Nematodes are an incredibly vast and bio-diverse phyla, with lifestyles ranging from predator to prey to parasite with every variation in between. Their biomass makes up an incredible volume of life on earth, and they are absolutely critical to many systems, such a soil quality, water quality, aquatic food webs, terrestrial food webs, and others.



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