Merrily we Roll Along - Directed by Erik Vest and Caleb Goh

Sets, Props, and Lighting Design by Mia Bane

Costume Design and Build by Pearl A. Hodges

The concept for this production was quite striaghtforeward, keeping the orignal setting and time. The play follows the three protagonists Charlie, Mary, and Frank back in time as we see their lives go from ruined adults to hopeful adolescents, starting in the 1970s and working backward to the 1950s. The design portion of this show was left open which left more room for creating a 'look' for the show on the fly, items were built, bought, and salvaged out of nearly everything that could be found, for a harmonious, period look.

The 1970s

1970s Concepts

The 1960s

1960s Concepts

The 1950s

1950s Concepts

A special thank you to the lovely mothers and their help in photographing this show!


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