Midsummer Night's Dream - Directed by Scott Feldsher

Costume Design by Pearl A. Hodges

The concept for this production revolved around the setting. The director, owing to the similar nature of the absurd, festival, and other topsy-turvy aspects, chose to set this version of Midsummer in a mostly modern Mardi Gras New Orleans. Therefore, the timeline of the play was as follows: the start of the play is the day before Mardi Gras, and the court rehearses appropriately, that night, the lovers run to the forest, or in this case, swamp, to encounter the fae court influenced by the swamp's biology and a parody of the Athenian Court. The lovers then return to the full blown Mardi Gras, all dressed in complimentary garb to Theseus' and Hippolta's Krews. The following images show the development of the costumes from their initial conception through their final execution on stage.

The Atheninan Court

Thesus and Hippolyta Color Concepts Philostrate Color Concepts Theseus and Hippolyta Swatched Final Concepts Philostrate and Egeus Swatched Final Concepts The Court; Egeus, Philostrate, Theseus, Hippoltya

The Lovers

Hermia and Heleana Swatched Final Rederings Demetrius and Lysander Swatched Final Concepts Lovers; Hermia, Helena, Demetrius, Lysander

The Mechanicals

Mechanicals, Sketch Concepts Mechanicals Swatched Final Renedering Mechanicals; Flute, Starvling, Snug, Snout, Bottom, Quince Bottom with Donkey Head

The Fairy Court

Fairy Court Ink Concept Sketches Fairy Court Pencil Concept Sketches Oberon Color Concept Titianiana Color Concept Color Puck Concept Oberon and Titiania Swatched Final Renderings Fairie Court; Oberon, Titiania, Puck

The Fairies

Ink Fairy Concepts Color Fairy Concepts Fairy Swatched Final Renderings Fairies; Peasblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed, and Changeling Boy

Production Photos

Clare Trevor - Hannah Ostow (I) - Hannah Ostow (II)


© 2008 Pearl A. Hodges