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New Image (Fantasy): Dapper Dragons

New Images (Natrual Science): Nudibranchs, Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Cockatiel, Budgie, African Gray Parrot, Sun Conure, Peach Faced Lovebirds, Red Fronted Amazon Parrot, Palm Cockatoo, Green Winged Maccaw, Hyacinth Maccaw, Bright Animals

New Ceramics: Ornaments, Recycled Glass Coasters, Recycled Glass Pendants

New Costume: Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent


New Images (Natural Science): Bees

New Images (Fantasy): Lovely Fishes

New Images (Surreal): The Cattle and the Fallen, Thin and Unbreakable Line, Marcus in the Cattails

New Mural: Four Seasons Mural


New Images (Natural Science): Gaint Pacific Octopus, Vampire Squid, Blanket Octopus, Blue-Ringed Octopus, Chambered Nautilus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish

New Images (Fantasy): It Is Dark Out, Malachi

New Images (Surreal): Lightining, Head Hands and Heart

New Ceramics: False Glyphs Wall Series I


New Murals: Koi Carp Mural, Blossoming Tree Mural


New Costume: Avatar: The Legend of Korra - The Lieutenant


New Images: Common Raven, American Crow, Blue Jay, Stellar's Jay, Common Magpie, Formosan Blue Magpie, Moths

New Puppet: Toucan


New Theater: Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors


New Images: Koi, Anton, I am Real, Nudibranchs

New Sculpture: Ash Max and Pippin, Molly, Squid


New Images: Stained Glass, Scars and Stained Glass, Where am I?


New Ceramics: Set of White Coasters, Set of Dark Coasters, Spider Pendant, Wave Pendants


New Images: Burrowing Owl, Saw-Whet Owl, Barn Owl, Snowy Owl, Great Gray Owl, Great Horned Owl, Boromir Returns, Octopus Kimono, The Trio, Pond Window, Bone Jive, Consumed by the Ocean, Returned by the Sea, Nuckelavee Icon I, Nuckelavee Icon II, and The Black Dog

New Sculpture: Lord of the Rings Tapestry, Giant Silk Moth, Giant Silk Moths, Swallowtail and Luna Moths, and The Opulent Eye Series II


New Section: Ceramics


New Art Dolls: Midori the Dreamwalker, Murasaki the Nudibranch, Hackle the Dragon, Fleur-de-Lis the Gryphon, Aladdin the Bird Companion, Axda the Bird Companion, Albatross the Bird Companion, Lalya the Engineer, Barsa the Little Goddess, and General Treeson


New Images: Swallows in Her Hair, Fox and Ferns, Shark and Shoals, and Feild of Morning Glories


New Images: Atlas in the Sun, Symphony of the Void, and Koi and Ginko


New Images: The Gardener, Halloween Jack, The Trials and Responsibilities of a Steward, Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring, Vali and the Emotion Eaters, Golden Hind and Hart, Jiboia - The First Rainbow Python


New Images: Embrace, Erte Parnassus, Inlay, Duality, Merchants of the Apocalypse, Sashay on the Bordwalk, No Thing New Sculpture: Barn Owl, Luna Moth, Copper, Puffin Seal, Smoot New Costume: Science Patrol


New Images; Rainbow Sparrow, The Man Who Grabbed the Moon, White, Tiger, Zoot Suit Smile, Circuit Trees. New Sculpture; Agate Eyes the Unicorn


Three new images; The Road to Aeth, The Wild Nightmare, and Luxury have been added to their respective galleries.


Four new images have been uploaded, Night Watch, Eldritch and Egyptian, The Beast, and The Gold Woman.


My costume work on production "The Skin of Our Teeth" at LJCDS has been added to the Theater section of the Art page. This includes both conceptual illustrations and the final realization of the costumes on stage with many production photos. Warmth Through Winter has been added to the Fantasy section and Anahinga has been added to the Surreal section.


Many new images have been uploaded including Fragility as Imposed by Circumstance, Prince of Dreaming, Strife the Creator, A Call to Arms, Kinship of the Odd, The Winged Sacrifice, Mistletoe, Corduroy, and Raw Silk. There will be doccumentation of my work on the production "The Skin of Our Teeth" coming in Feburary.


- Bear and Crow's Lament has been added to the Surreal gallery, Acceptance, and Dreamwalker's Solace have been added to the Fantasy Art Gallery.


- Media in the Fall and Peaceful have been added to the Fantasy Art section.


- A Nap in the Sun and Vali the Protector have been added to the Fantasy Art section; also The Day the Crane Ate the Wolves and The Will of Water have been added to the Surreal Art section as well. Finally, a new section has been added to the Art Page with a full selection of design and production photos from Merrily We Roll Along.


- Two new fantasy illustrations have been added to the gallery; Blight the Keeper and Comfort.


- A new section showing my costume work on the show Three Sisters at La Jolla Country Day School has been added, along with one new Art Doll, Vali Sleeping.


- Two new fantasy illustations have been added to the gallery; Arezou, and Vali and Arezou.


- Three new fantasy illustrations have been added to the gallery; Faint and Laurel, Vali, Dreamwalker Bound, and On the Roof of Parliament.


- One new somewhat surreal peice, The Birds of LA County, and a new section called 'Cosplay' with related costume creations, Rena, Mugen, and The Medicine Seller, and more to be added soon.


- One new Art Doll, Tsava. One new Fantasy Illustration Ki'Zil and Kine.


- One new fantasy illustration has been added, Balados - The White Wanderer.


- Two new images, Respite, and Sandstorm - Exiled, have been added to the fantasy illustration gallery.


- Welcome Featherwurm Graphics version three. If you are returning to the site you will find that the navigation of the art gallery is vastly simpler than before, with much larger thumbnails for easier viewing. There is one new image in the gallery, Stairwell Lament. There is also a new section showing my costume work on Midsummer Night's Dream at La Jolla Country Day School.

Sketch Blog - Current News


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