The following are a selection of proposed designs for a production of Oscar Wilde's Salome. The overall design was inspired by classical versions of the play, and designed to invoke the idea of the most prototypical ideas of said imagery. While neither being historically accurate, nor paricularly incorrect, this version of Salome was designed in such a fashion as to not tie it to a spesific time or place, but more a generalized sense of the area.

Salome - Full Cast Thumbnails
- Thumbnails of the Full Cast
Salome - Herodias
- Queen Herodias
Salome - Herod
- King Herod
Salome - Jokanaan
- Jokanaan (St. John the Baptist)
Salome - Salome
- Salome
Salome - Seven Veils
- Salome (Seven Veils)
Salome - First Soldier
- The First Soldier


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