The Skin of Our Teeth

The Skin of Our Teeth - Directed by Scott Feldsher

Sets, Props, and Lighting Design by Mia Bane - Costume Design by Pearl A. Hodges

The concept for this production was one suited to the conglomarate nature of the play, using elements from 'The Flintstones', early 1900 political rallies, the 1950s nuclear family, historical figures, refugees and war torn Poland amongst a variety of other influnces as mixed as the world and words of the play.

The Concepts:

Dinosaur and Mammoth Dinosaur and Mammoth Mr. Antrobus Mrs. Antrobus Henry Gladys
Sabina Side Characters Conveeners Refugees Stage Hands  

The First Act:


The Second Act:


The Third Act:


Note: Gladys and Moses/Mr.Fitzpatrick were each played by two different actors on different nights, hence their different appearance in some shots. These shots come from the full run of the production but are set in the chronological order of the play. There may be slight variations in each actors apperance from night to night.


© 2010 Pearl A. Hodges